Disability Assistance Dogs

Disability Assistance Dogs

Disability Assistance Dogs are trained to meet the needs of people with mobility disabilities. They will be trained to carry out a number of specialized tasks tailored to meet each individual’s specific needs.

Our Disability Assistance Dogs help people with disabilities to live independently and with dignity, increasing quality of life and well-being.


Examples of the tasks our dogs can perform:

Pick up dropped items or find keys

Bring the phone when it rings

Fetch named items – mail, T.V. remote control, telephone etc.

Open and close doors

Turn lights on and off

Load/Unload the washing machine

Enable travel in public places such as shops, restaurants, public transport, and to navigate busy roads/pavements

To apply for a Disability Assistance Dog please download and complete our application form, and send it back to us:

>>Download the application form for a Disability Assistance Dog

>>Download our Disability Assistance Dog criteria document (PDF)

>> Contact Assistance Dogs Northern Ireland